My name is George Zaharia

Im a independent website and game developer.
I usually write blog entries on my current task that i pick based on the interest i have on different problems that i find on the forums i use everyday.
Majority of the time i spend my time on the scirra forums, helping and answering questions to problems that some of the Construct users have.
During my involvement in the Construct community, i ammased a decent amount of tutorials and examples that can help the new members of the community.
While i love the Construct forums i prefer having my own blog and keeping track of my contributions in a more personal matter.

Im currently trying to:

  1. Translating the Construct 3 Romanian version - currently 39% completed.
  2. Translating the Construct 2 and 3 Manual to Romanian.
  3. Transfering all the tutorials i have written on the scirra and construct 2 community tutorials and blog sections.
  4. Making all Construct 2 and 3 example files that i created so far easily accessible to everyone.
  5. Further developing & improving the listing on html5.network archive im currently developing.
  6. Further develop more examples and tutorials, covering all aspects of Construct 2 and 3.
  7. Developing and opening a personal store & forum acompanied by a blog.
  8. Further tasks might be added as i am progressing trough the current ones.